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Otto Gustaf Graf - Father of Lars-Gustaf, Isse's only child

∗ 16 April 1882 in Tåby Socken/Parish, Östergötland, Sweden.
† 18 August 1968 in Stockholm.
Mother: Laura Graf ∗ 23 March, 1861 † 1946
Maiden name: Lignell
Father: Otto Graf ∗1838 † 1909
Brothers: Otto Wilhelm Graf ∗ 1884 and Sven Graf∗1886 † 1947
Grandmother: Constance Lignell ∗ 1837 † 1906

Inez (Isse) announced to her family that she and Gustaf Graf would marry, they would have a son, and then divorce.
Gustaf married Inez (Isse) Margareta Johnsson on 31 May 1926 in Stockholm.
Their son Eric Lars-Gustaf was born on 22 December 1926.
Gustaf and Isse were divorced on 14 June 1928.

Isse and Gustaf never talked about each other to their families. If Isse's family was present when Gustaf came to visit their son, the family had to leave the room. It appears that Gustaf never interacted with Isse's family and that Isse never interacted with Gustaf's family with a few exceptions; the funeral of their son Lars-Gustaf, Gustaf's nephew Wilhelm was Isse's physician, and Isse attended the funeral cermony for Gustaf in 1968.

A young Gustaf Graf
A young Otto Gustaf Graf
Gustaf in Grisslehamn 1923
Gustaf at the beach in Grisslehamn where Gustaf and Isse spend time together in July 1923.
Isse in Grisslehamn 1923
Appearently Isse and Gustaf would spend a lot of time at the sea shore of Grisslehamn.
Isse in Grisslehamn 1923
Gustaf takes several pictures of Isse in Grisslehamn. Here Isse plays the piano in the lounge.
Isse in Grisslehamn 1923
Gustaf would sign the back of pictures from Grisselhamn in 1923 with his unusual signature.
Show jumping, one of Gustaf's passions.
In 1924 Gustaf, together with other non-military riders, forms the civilian riders association "Civila Ryttarförbundet"
Ski mountaineering, another passion of Gustaf.
Wedding thank you card.
Isse and Gustaf marry in Stockholm on 31 May 1926. Gustaf is 44 and Isse is 29 years old.
They will get a divorce on 14 June 1928.
Isse and Lars-Gustaf
Isse's and Gustaf's son is born two days before Christmas Eve in 1926.

Gustaf and Inez
Gustaf and Isse. One of the photographs from Lars-Gustaf's photos album.
Gustaf and Lars-Gustaf
Gustaf with his son Lars-Gustaf at Helgag 36, Stockholm.
Cover of Gustaf's short story.
The essay about long distance ice skating escapades with friends gets printed in 1939. Many other essays would follow.
Gustaf with his family in 1940
Gustaf in 1940 with his niece Ulla, nephew Wilhelm, brothers Sven and Wilhelm, mother Laura, son Lars-Gustaf, borther's grandchildren, and his sister-in-law Anna.
Gustaf with his son Lars-Gustaf
Gustaf with his son Lars-Gustaf.
Gustaf 60 years
Gustaf at 60 years old on April 16th, 1942.
Announcement in newspaper
"Our beloved Son
Air Force Cadet
Lars-Gustaf, 19 years old, is killed when piloting a fighter plane on
June 6th, 1946.
Jan Wilhelm Graf
Gustaf Graf and his nephew Jan Wilhelm Graf, are close. Wilhelm, six years older than Lars-Gustaf, becomes an M.D. and Isse's physician.
Gustaf 86 years
Gustaf in July 1968.
Claes Edvard photographs the brother of his grandfather.
Resting place for Gustaf
Gustaf passes away in his sleep on August 18th 1968 in his appartment in Stockholm. Isse attends the cermony at the church. Gustaf rests with his parents, brother, and grandmother.
Resting place for Gustaf
Constance Lignell Family Grave at Linköpings Griftegård cemetary.